ROCKNYCLIVE Reviews THE SLOTHS @ Resident 12-29-2016

BONGO BOY takes SLOTHS ‘Out of the GARAGE’

More Horror from the Sloths!!

More Horror loves Friday the 13th Jason Lives director Tom McLoughlin’s band, the Sloths!

The Sloths on Shindig!

Check out the Sloths great mini-documentary on Shindig!

The story of ’60s garage band legends The Sloths


Santa Fe Reviews THE SLOTHS

SLOTHS have an AARP Attack !!!!

In 1965, they tried to be rock stars. Fifty years later, they’re getting another shot. Is America finally ready for the Sloths?



THE SLOTHS have ‘AARP’ Appeal !!!!!

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CLICK to CHECK OUT the VIDEO—aarp?autoStart=true&q=The%20Sloths—aarp?autoStart=true&q=The%20Sloths

The Sloths play some rock and roll live tonight on KXLU 88.9 FM ( midnight 5/4! Tune in!

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Listen to some rock and roll tonight 5/4 at midnight on KXLU with the Sloths! Midnight at 88.9 FM, KXLU.COM!