BONGO BOY takes SLOTHS ‘Out of the GARAGE’

SLOTHS have an AARP Attack !!!!

THE SLOTHS have ‘AARP’ Appeal !!!!!

Rock music bands
CLICK to CHECK OUT the VIDEO—aarp?autoStart=true&q=The%20Sloths—aarp?autoStart=true&q=The%20Sloths


BLASTING BURGER SHOW w/ The SLOTHS Mar. 7th in Santa Ana !!!! Shannon & the Clams! Guantanamo Bay Watch! Death Valley Girls and more!!

ONE WAY OUT for Horror Director McLoughlin

Friday the 13th’s JASON LIVES writer/director is BACK FROM THE GRAVE with  THE SLOTHS combining Purgatory Horror and GarageRock in     ‘ONE WAY OUT’.

The SLOTHS in HIGH Fashion World ?

Garage Rock and Glam Fashion collided at the Hollywood Palladium this past Wednesday Night.

The Sloths received some stellar press from their big show on Wednesday, February 10th at the Hollywood Palladium!

Look at all the stellar press from The Sloths big show on Wednesday, February 10th at the Hollywood Palladium!
All the big stars showed up in LALA land (Lady Gaga, Justin Beiber, Sam Smith etc.) to see Yves St. Laurent pimp his latest fashions, but the real stars of the show was the incredible musical lineup presented. Sure folks were there to see Beck, and Joan Jett, but wouldn’t you know it was The Sloths that had the Hollywood intelligentsia jaw’s hitting the floor. The Sloths buzz is growing like gangbusters and it’s now gone international! Check out all the incredible heavy hitters showing this balls to the wall, pedal to the metal musical tsunami the attention and exposure they deserve!